Nick Gressle

Illustrator / Designer / Web Developer


Experienced Design Director with strong people management and departmental management background as well as senior level design and illustration capabilities in both the print and digital space.


Design: I have worked in a variety of design positions throughout my career. Everything from consumer package design, health care digital publishing and marketing campaigns, game design, web design (specializing in Wordpress).
To view my work go to nick gressle design.

Illustration: My illustration style ranges from vector graphics, photoshop and hand drawn illustrations. My work has been used in information graphics, humorous illustrations, Web Infographics, Social Media campaigns, Web advertising campaigns, 2D game graphics, applications, icons, editorial illustration, and product renderings.
I am fluent in Adobe Creative Suite products (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, Character Animator, and Premiere Pro.)
To view my work please go to My portfolio.

Front End Development: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript Frontend development, SiteCore CMS, Wordpress, Adobe XD for wireframe and prototype, Google Web Designer, Bootstrap Studio, Tumult Hype HTML5 Animation software, and Swift 5.0. I also teach development classes, examples of these can be found at my Youtube Channel.


Bon Secours Mercy Health (2017 - Present)

• Senior Digital Designer with a focus on web design for Sitecore, Wordpress.
• Social Media Campaign Design for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Blog design and photo direction for Wordpress.
• System Architecture Design for Bon secours Mercy Health Digital Asset Management library, Media Valet.
• Design of Advertising campaign assets for the health system.
• JavasScript generation for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to improve efficiency in artwork deliverables and automated template design.
• JavasScript generation for self service templates using Fusion Pro and Marcom.

Schawk (2012 - 2017)

• Digital Workflow development and management. This is a new role at Schawk that encompasses development of systems that automate certain steps in the design delivery process. The focus is on all of Schawk Brands utilizing XML copy and image automation. Tracking software for Fit For Use Data. And additional Data collection systems for our design and prototyping teams.

My technical development in this area focuses on...

• FileMaker Application development for the enterprise. Specifically focused on tracking fit for use (ffu) data for our clients.

• FileMaker Application tool development to validate and repurpose XML feeds from our clients.

• FileMaker edits to our existing customer service system SchawkLink which includes minor functional additions to the system.

• XML ingestion into our order entry system and production management system. Training of the customer service staff and production staff on the use of End To End Artwork automation.

• Print Production Management Lead for Schawk P&G Paper team. This includes daily management oversite for the following business units. BabyCare, FemCare, and Family Care. Involvement on the Schawk Cincinnati Leadership team as well as New Technology and Innovation projects for Schawk.

• Design For Manufacturing: on-site project management and product innovation for P&G FemCare (Always and Tampax Brands) granted a patent as part of a team designing a unique surface pattern US20160051419 A1 and WO 2016028953 A1.

• Produced a virtual simulator to test print tolerances on design intent before going to press. This saved countless hours of press trials and saved thousands of dollars on design revisions and production work.

• PPM: Focus on design adaptation solutions for Pampers and Luvs in North America for Procter and Gamble Baby Care. Consulted with client and printers on best practices to achieve design intent on Flexo press for polybags, cartons and marketing materials.

LPK (2002 - 2012)
• Global technical lead for design adaptation for P&G Baby Care in all regions including, North America, Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA)

Product Packaging Categories Include

Diapers and Wipes packaging, marketing materials and product graphics for the following brands…

• Swaddlers • Cruisers
• Easy Ups
• Kandoo wipes and soap products
• Underjams

Custom illustration applications for diapers Relationship Marketing Materials Baby Dry, Swaddlers, Cruisers, EasyUps, UnderJams Icon design for Pampers Village website Image asset management system for relationship marketing materials .

Department Leadership
Responsible for the daily leadership of a staff of US and Western European Artists and technicians for LPK Baby. My Leadership style is one of putting the success of my reports first through the following methods.
• Support for work life balance tailored to the employees needs.
• Focus on the employees strengths and work on CI (Continuous Improvement) techniques for overall growth.
• Create a culture of intellectual curioisity and support new techniques to problem solving. References:

LPK: Senior Adaptation Director

Other brands that fell under my responsibility
• Hersheys
• IAMS Pet Products
• Pringles

• Led the adaptation and production of package design for the first product re-design in 35 years for Hersheys. This included all sub-brands such as Reeses, Jolly Rancher, Watchamacallit, Kisses, Whoppers, and Smores. In addition to new product launches.
• Created Hershey's on-line Licensing database for use by licencees on the proper use of the Hershey brand on multiple printing and virtual executions. • Created new prototyping skills and techniques for producing candybar and packaging comprehensives. Both for beauty use and for print realization.

Director Information Technology LAGA

Reported to the CEO and General Partners of a privately held consumer brand design agency. Built and led LAGA’s first full-time technology specialist department consisting of 9 full-time IT specialists and 3 network analysts in Cincinnati, Chicago and New York City. Managed budget and communications for outsourcing specialists in Chicago, New York and Napa Valley CA.

• Designed LAGA’s digital architecture which was an integrated format with

– 90% Macintosh – 8% Windows Workstation – 2% Unix and NT

• Wrote and established LAGA’s first digital protocol for design and production in 1990.

• Trained design and production, and client service staff on Macintosh and Windows productivity applications.

• Developed local and wide area network protocols, email
systems and web based communication systems and FileMaker Pro timekeeping and records management for LAGA • Led the digital and location expansion for LAGA into New York, Napa Valley, Chicago.

• IT Project manager with WARM Brothers Construction Company on LAGA’s Victory Parkway headquarters in 2000-2001 in our move from the old location to the new location we were 100% operational on the first day.

Skill Set

Design Tools
I am fluent and often teach others how to utilize the following design skills and tools.
• Adobe Creative Suite
• HTML5 responsive Design techniques
• Package Design Adpatation across large categories
• Publishing and Editorial Design • Children's print and media category design.

I am a hybrid or some may call a "unicorn" I have added to my skillset of creative, leadership, and technology without ever leaving any of those practices.
I bring many years of practical experience in technology leadership to bear in the creative and manufacturing profession that focuses on efficiency and a rapid and positive return on my client's investment.
My skillset and tools include…
• XML integration with Adobe Creative Suite for design and production automation
• HTML5 Front End Development
• HTML5 User Interface Design
• PHP for Wordpress theme development
• Javascript for Web applications.
• iOS Development using Swift 5.0 and XCode 11
• Network Design for Small and Medium Business.
• Amazon AWS and Lamda Skills for Alexa Platform.

Training Classes

I offer online and in-person training for the following platforms.
• Macintosh
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Adobe design/production automation skills
• Hype Professional 3.5
• XML introduction
• WordPress
• FormTools


I have written articles on Hype Professional and also for my Facebook Blog that I co-author called Applied Design

Flash Transition Guide: Working with Symbols

1600 Years from Board To iPad

Experimental and Special Interest

I love creating tools that help people visualize complex processes or that help a person learn something new.
I am constantly experimenting with new ways to allow humans and machines to work together for better outcomes in education, business, and entertainment.
Currently I am working with
• iBeacon Technology for historical tours
• Alexa VUI (Voice User Interface) for educational skills for students.
• Adapting technology for children and adults within the Autism Spectrum to help with cognition and communication
• Urban Agriculture. I am one of the founders of the Anderson Urban Farm